What is an Extreme DUI in Utah?

What is a an Extreme DUI in Utah?

An “Extreme” DUI in Utah is not a term used in Utah DUI statutes but judges, prosecutors and defense attorneys seem to use this term to describe a DUI that gets enhanced for several different reasons as described below.


First Offense Class B Misdemeanor

  • .160 or above Breath/Alcohol level
  • BAC .05 or higher + any
    measurable controlled
  • Combination of two or
    more controlled substances

First Offense Class A Misdemeanor

  • If bodily injury
  • if passenger is under 16
  • if passenger is under
    18 and driver is 21 or
  • if driving in the
    wrong direction on a freeway or controlled-access highway

What really gets’s a DUI enhanced in Utah is when a person has a second, third, or multiple offenses within a 10 year period.  The enhancements involved with a so-called “extreme DUI” involves stiffer penalties including fines, jail time, probation terms, and license consequences.  Further, the extreme nature of these circumstances can prevent any plea offering from the prosecutor or even being accepted by a judge.