10 Questions you should Ask When Hiring a Lawyer?


What percentage of your practice is devoted to DUI/DWI Defense?

Glen W. Neeley devotes more than 95% of his practice to defending dui’s. This is important. Someone who only concentrates on a certain area of law is going to serve his client much better.

You do not want a family doctor doing brain surgery. Likewise, you do not want a general practitioner lawyer defending the special focused area of DUI.

The government has specialized trained DUI officers working on their side. You should have a specialized trained DUI lawyer working on your side.

How many times have you been in front of a jury?

Glen W. Neeley, on the average, does a jury trial at least twice a month. This is important. It takes more than a lawyer to stand up and fight for you in front of a group of people that you don’t know, and to persuade them that the client is not guilty.

It takes people skills, the ability to speak publicly, and the ability to have the passion and the courage to connect with the jury.

What organizations do you belong to that pertain to defending DUI/DWI charges?

Glen W. Neeley belongs to the National College of DUI Defense (NCDD). This organization is strictly designed to help the DUI lawyer more effective.

The top DUI lawyers in the nation belong to this organization. Further, Glen W. Neeley belongs to the Trial Lawyer’s College organized by the famous lawyer, Gerry Spence, and the Utah Criminal Lawyers Association.  He is a founding member of the National DUI Defense Lawyers Association.

What types of certifications and credentials do you have?

Glen W. Neeley has taken the exact same training that Utah Police Officers are required to take regarding DUI arrests. He has completed the Standard Field Sobriety Test course (roadside tests) so he knows what the officer is looking for and the mistakes the officers make.

He has completed the Robert F. Borkenstien course at Indiana University which is the course required by Intoxilyzer technicians in Utah. He has taken an Intoxilyzer operator and technician course taught by a Department of Transportation certified instructor.

Finally, he has completed courses taught by the top lawyers in the nation including the Mastering the Science of Breath Test Evidence.

Do you own an intoxilyzer?

Yes I do. The State of Utah uses the Intoxilyzer5000EN and the Intoxilyzer 8000 to test your breath for it’s blood alcohol content. Glen W. Neeley feels if he is going to fight the instrument result, I have to own one. I own the Intoxilyzer 5000EN.  The State refuses to sell the Intoxilyzer 8000 to anyone other than Law Enforcement and government entities.

Do you visit the crime scene and take photos?

This is a must. Glen W. Neeley believes the truth is what will convince the jury that you are Not Guilty. Many times, a photograph will tell the truth of what kind of surface you conducted these tests on, the lighting, the slope of the surface, and the roadway where the officer said you committed an offense of driving.  When possible, this is a vital part of investigating a DUI.

What information do you provide me?

Glen W. Neeley feels it is important that you be fully informed of your case. Your file will mimic his file.

He feels it is important that you help him with his case. He wins more cases by listening to the client, feeling what they feel, and seeing what they see.

As a result, I will provide you all police reports, videos, evidence, and documentation of your case.

Will you return my phone calls within 24 hours?

Glen W. Neeley feels it is important for you to have contact with your attorney. You will be provided three or four different ways to contact your attorney. Phone number, cell phone, fax, and email are all effective ways to communicate with the client.

Glen W. Neeley makes it a goal to contact you within 24 hours of your phone call to answer any questions you may have.

Why do you defend DUI cases?

Glen W. Neeley defends DUI cases because he believes that innocent people are being arrested everyday. Even sadder than that, innocent people are being convicted all the time. There is such a war on DUI cases, that innocent people are being swept into the current of those that are a danger of society.

Remember, it is not a crime to drink and drive as long as it is done responsibly. Far too often, it seems, if the officer smells alcohol, you will be cited for DUI regardless of your impairment and regardless of your blood alcohol level.

How many cases do you have open?

Glen W. Neeley believes that if you accept every case that comes through the door, then you cannot adequately give the attention needed to each case. Glen does not consider himself a dump truck lawyer looking to be hired on every case he can.

Glen limits his cases to those who are interested in defending their case and fighting for their freedom and their rights.