Can I get a work permit to Drive to Work if my License is suspended?

In the last couple of years the Utah Legislature has come out with two ways to get your license back early.

First, if a driver loses their license at the administrative license hearing, there is now a process to obtain a license during the licensing period.  It will require the driver to get a risk to the public evaluation and an ignition interlock be placed on your car.  The down side is a DUI conviction will suspend the license again.  If a driver refused to take a chemical test (breath, blood, or urine), the driver is ineligible.  Further, it must be the driver’s first offense.

Utah code 53-3-223(10) provides:


(a) If the division suspends a person’s license for an alcohol related offense under Subsection (7)(a)(i)(A), the person may petition the division and elect to become an ignition interlock restricted driver if the person:

(i) has a valid driving privilege, with the exception of the suspension under Subsection (7)(a)(i)(A);

(ii) completes a risk assessment approved by the division that:

(A) is completed after the date of the arrest for which the person is suspended under Subsection (7)(a)(i)(A); and

(B) identifies the person as a low risk offender;

(iii) installs an ignition interlock device in any vehicle owned or driven by the person in accordance with Section 53-3-1007; and

(iv) pays the license reinstatement application fees described in Subsections 53-3-105(26) and (27).

(b) The person shall remain an ignition interlock restricted driver for a period of 120 days from the original effective date of the suspension under Subsection (7)(a)(i)(A). If the person removes an ignition interlock device from a vehicle owned or driven by the person prior to the expiration of the 120 day ignition interlock restriction period:

(i) the person’s driver license shall be suspended under Subsection (7)(a)(i)(A) for the remainder of the 120 day ignition interlock restriction period;

(ii) the person is required to pay the license reinstatement application fee under Subsection 53-3-105(26); and

(iii) the person may not elect to become an ignition interlock restricted driver under this section.

(c) If a person elects to become an ignition interlock restricted driver under Subsection (10)(a), the provisions under Subsection (7)(b) do not apply.


Second, a driver can get an early reinstatement of their license after a conviction if the Court is willing to sentence them to the 24/7 Sobriety Program.  This program is eligible for a driver with any amount of convictions but not for a person that refused a chemical test.

Utah code 41-6a-515.5 provides:


“24-7 sobriety program” means a 24 hours a day, seven days a week sobriety and drug monitoring program that:

(i) requires an individual to abstain from alcohol or drugs for a period of time;

(ii) requires an individual to submit to random drug testing; and

(iii) requires the individual to be subject to testing to determine the presence of alcohol:

(A) twice a day at a central location where timely sanctions may be applied;

(B) by continuous remote sensing or transdermal alcohol monitoring by means of an electronic monitoring device that allows timely sanctions to be applied; or

(C) by an alternate method that is approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.