7 Things you can do to help your Utah DUI case


  1. Write a complete narrative about the events that took place from the time before you consumed alcohol/drugs to the time you got out of jail.  Your accurate memory is vital to your case.  Your case may take months to go to trial.  The sooner you write your narrative, the better.
  2. Visit the area where you were pulled over and performed field sobriety tests.  Take photos of the area showing the slope of the ground, the area where you were pulled over, the intersection, the curb, etc.  Anything that will help you tell your side of the story, photograph it.
  3. Keep good clean copies of your citation, chemical results, impound documentation, insurance documentation, and other vital documentation.  Be prepared to provide copies to your lawyer to examine.
  4. DO NOT get into any more situations where you get behind the wheel after you have taken any medications, alcohol, or recreational drugs.  A DUI is enhanceable.  Getting charged with another DUI while you have a pending DUI is making a bad situation a whole lot worse.  Do not get behind the wheel if you have consumed any substance that could impair you including prescription drugs.
  5. Find a place that teaches the DUI Prime for Life Class.  This class will be required if you are convicted.  Getting it done early helps with the judge if convicted and accepting possible plea offers, and helps with the prosecutor in negotiating a lessor charge or dismissing a charge.  It will also help you think about how you got into this mess and how to never get into this mess again.
  6. Act promptly.  Get a DUI Defense Attorney hired as soon as possible.  This will help in collecting and preserving evidence.  The possibility of video and audio evidence being destroyed goes up the longer you wait.  Further, you only have 10 days to request a Driver License Hearing from the DLD, or you will automatically be suspended or revoked for statutory periods of time.
  7. Look at your Social Media.  If you post, or your friends post, photos and comments about the “great party” you may want to think about suspending your social media accounts.  I have had experiences where prosecutors, court staff, and police look at that stuff and use it against you.  What an embarrassment if your are telling the Court how sorry you are and how this was a one time mistake in your life and a photo is shown by the prosecutor of you in compromising situations.  Be smart about your social media.