24/7 Sobriety Program

There is a new Utah DUI sentencing option that has arisen in the past couple of years called the 24/7 program. This programs was first piloted in Weber County and has now been available in other counties and jurisdictions. There are two main benefits to this program including reducing jail time and allowing the return of driving privileges. The downside is the cost of the program, pleading guilty to a DUI, and the person must have the ability to test twice a day at the jail or where a scram ankle device all the time. This program will not work out for everyone, but it helps those who must have a license to work and care for their family. A summary of the program looks like the table below:

First ConvictionFirst Conviction .16 or higher
or alcohol combine with controlled substance
Second Conviction
within 10 Years
Second Conviction
Within 10 years with .16 or higher
or alcohol combine with controlled substance
Felony convictionFelony Fonction with .16 or higher
or alcohol combine with controlled substance
Required Length of Program30 days30 days1 year1 year1 year1 year
Minimum Jail TimeNone.None.5 days5 days10 days10 days
  • It’s important to note if an individual fails to successfully complete all of the requirements of the 24/7 sobriety program, the court shall impose the suspended jail sentence and the person starts with a new term of suspension or revocation on their license.
  • Failures or positive tests are allowed. However there are sanctions of jail time. After a 4th violation, the person is taken into custody and most likely removed from the program. The judge will then impose the suspended sentence.
  • COSTS: A person doing twice a day testing at the jail will pay $2 for each breath test and $6 for each urine test. If a person is using a transdermal SCRAM device, it is $10 a day. If the person is on home confinement, it is an additional $12 per day.
  • Missing a test involves harsher actions of jail time from 12-48 hours and a 4th missed test most likely being removed from the program.
  • Qualification: A person who refused a chemical test when arrested is NOT qualified for the program. A person with driving while suspended, denied, or revoked are not qualified for the program. To get qualified, application must be made to the Driver License Division first. Once the Driver License Division deems you eligible, then the judge has to agree to put you in the program and determines how long. The forms to apply for qualification are below. You must submit the form with a check of $10.75. The 266M form must be Notarized.