Glen Neeley’s Glove Compartment Guide for Drivers Stopped for DUI in Utah

1.  Do not answer any questions other than name and address. Ask for your lawyer immediately.


2.  Do not agree to perform roadside tests.


3.  Do not agree to have your eyes tested.


4.  Do not agree to blow into a handheld breath tester.


5.  Intoxilzyer Test or Blood test.  (Probably consent to official test)  If you do not consent to an official chemical test, your license may be revoked for 18 months for a first refusal and 3 years for a subsequent refusal.  Most police officers in Utah will seek and obtain a warrant for your blood if you do not consent to their official test.  You can refuse, but there are harsh driver license consequences.


6.  Be polite. Produce requested documents.

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