Arrested for DUI In Ogden, Utah?

Being arrested for a DUI in Ogden can be demoralizing, depressing, and it can shake you to the very core. Your mind is flooded with questions, concern and fear. You might lose your license, you might go to jail, you might lose your job, and you might be required to put a breath test machine on your car.

DUI in Utah has become a very complex area of law and very difficult to navigate. Penalties are always increasing, laws are always changing, and there is a multitude of things that can happen in any given case.

That is where Glen Neeley Comes in. Glen is Board Certified in DUI Defense and is here to aggressively defend those charged with DUI. No place is a good place to be charged with Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and or Drugs, but Glen has practiced DUI Defense law in Ogden, Utah since 1998. He knows the judges, the prosecutors, the Courts, the programs available, the key to a successful way out of this mess.

Simply put, if you need help in defending your DUI in the Ogden area, don’t hesitate to contact Glen Neeley.

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